Timeless and at the same time elegant English style kitchen made of 24mm door in acacia wood painted white, walnut and aged oak.  
Magistra kitchen with a huge selection of finishes, decorative and high quality materials to provide unlimited comdination possibilities and assure you the maximum customization.
Kitchen in solid wood with lacquered ash finish in various colors. A choice romantic classic but at the same time modern, timeless.
Bellagio kitchen revives the charm of a life of simplicity and the recovery of family traditions. It can be dressed in a classic or modern style thanks to the charismatic furniture elements.
The Ca 'Nova model expresses luxury with its elegant shapes in antique honey. drawing inspiration from the Neoclassical period.
A nice kitchen to live in, it finds inspiration in holiday homes and is also ideal for city life. The door full of natural chestnut equates the structural solidity of the kitchen and refers to the balance of man...
Kitchen in classic style and in a pleasant timeless mood. Solid acacia wood painted in light oak, honey, walnut and decape blue.