COSMOSET has been active in the field of furniture since 1994 in privately owned facilities in the Industrial Area (VIPE) of Thermi, Thessaloniki, while the store and the exhibition are located in the area of Voulgari, Thessaloniki. 

Since its inception, COSMOSET has had a steady business growth as a result of the continuous increase in sales, opening new horizons in EUROPE, offering customers high demand products abroad.

Our company

The main feature of COSMOSET, is the creation of unique separate kitchen furniture, according to the personal needs and requirements of each customer, which will give him the maximum of their usefulness, offering them the best cost-benefit ratio.

For this purpose, it has created a special processing section in the production area while it has state-of-the-art machines (high-precision parts – adhesive margins with glue get system – automatic tabular door production unit).

Today, COSMOSET represents the Italian companies RECORD, and ARAN with the high standards and design of kitchen furniture, thus offering its customers a wide range of products and models, with high know-how, quality and design.

For us, the kitchen is the heart of the house, let's design it the way you want !!